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Anna Cley is a visionary artist whose projects span a diverse range of creative and multidisciplinary endeavors. Anna's projects are designed to inspire, empower, and transcend traditional boundaries, from immersive storytelling and transformative performances to innovative art and collaborative works. Explore some of her initiatives and discover how she uses her unique talents to create and co-create impactful experiences.

The Journey of the Heart

"How do we get to live our dreams regardless of where we're from and what we've been through? With hopes of opening a doorway to a new world, I designed The Journey of the Heart as an immersive experience. A self-help fairytale that aims to empower you on your path to your own truth. May you find the freedom and the courage to shine your unique light onto the world.”

— from The Journey of the Heart

The Sound of You

The Power of Your Presence is a series of 5 short meditations designed to empower through the awareness of one's innate presence.

Through original audio stories and guided meditations, Anna thrives on empowering all humans to reach their greatest potential.

Performing Arts

"A world-class transformative performance by Mezzo-soprano Anna Cley." | EastHampton & 27east

​"In the title role, mezzo Anna Cley portrayed the strong-willed gypsy with sensual and determined self-confidence; her acting showed absolute conviction with highly musical delivery of text." | The Boston Musical Intelligencer

​"Ms. Cley is that rare performing artist who possesses both a profound vocal and theatrical intelligence. What Ms. Cley is capable of bringing to the stage can only be described as captivating, magical, and genuinely revelatory." | Marc Taslit, Comedian & Founder of Acting Opera

​"I was immediately struck by her absolute willingness to think outside the box." | Javier Oviedo, Executive Director of Classical Saxophone Project 

​"I was always struck by her very great stage presence, musicality, and capacity to connect immediately with the audience by the force both of her song and dramatic skills." | Mathieu Ferey, Music Director, city of Paris

Opera en Code

A collaboration between Anna Cley and Ben Cockerham, Opera en code explores the power of downtempo and human voice on the human mind. The 6 tracks take the audience through a cosmic trip about the sudden changes in the world, endless breath and love. Opera en code combines electronic music and opera singing, merging new technology with old tradition to create worlds. 

Music & Fashion

Anna Cley has been involved in several notable collaborations within the fashion industry, particularly during New York Fashion Week. One significant collaboration was with designer Minika Ko. Her runway shows combined the talents of Cley and other artists such as Hung Ping Chang, Andy Lin, and Ben Cockerham, to create multisensory experiences blending fashion, music, and performing arts.

Cley performed as a mezzo-soprano, bringing a powerful musical element to the show. The "Kovasky" collection, inspired by the concept of a female James Bond character, was complemented by music and artistic direction that emphasized strength and modernity. 

Minika Ko's shows are known for their innovative and adventurous spirit, designed for modern, independent women. The collaboration highlighted how different artistic mediums can intersect to enhance the thematic presentation of a fashion collection, making the event a standout at New York Fashion Week​.

Kovasky | Kollision

Anna Cley and Ben Cockerham started to explore the combination of opera and electronic music for a music and fashion collaboration with designer Minika Ko. From this collaboration, three mystical songs were born: "Origin Story", "The Goddess Lives" and "I'm in a million's people pictures". The songs were released as a part of the album "Kovasky | Kollision".

Intuitive artwork

The Art of Charisma

Under the umbrella of Voice On The Rocks, "The Art of Charisma" was a transformative coaching program aimed at helping individuals strengthen their inner core and confidently deliver their messages to the world. This initiative, derived into a course and a workshop "Breathe Happy:  The Voice of Success", focused on empowering participants to explore communication power through the mastery of posture, breathing techniques, vocal delivery, and mindful choice of words. By honing these skills, participants not only enhanced their ability to communicate effectively but also cultivated charismatic leadership qualities. 


VOCALISE is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in response to unaddressed childhood adversity. More often than not, children keep for themselves the problematic situations they face and are left alone with their untold wounds. One way to address this issue is to offer helpful public content, with hopes that the ones who need it will find it.

 It is a known fact that we tend to repeat the patterns we've encountered at a young age, coming along with post-traumatic stress. Trauma like neglect, abuse, bullying, or war zone, leave on the human mind a blueprint that's hard to reset. Growing up, we build our understanding of the world and our system of references. While everyone has to deal with some sort of trauma, the consequences can be carried over for an entire lifetime when the distressing event(s) happen early on. 

​As such, our mission is to provide creative solutions to bring strength, courage, and self-respect to children and adolescents so that they have greater chances to grow into confident and mindful adults. 

 It is our dream to build together a renewed and compassionate world by instilling hope in young individuals, one by one.

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