The Journey of the Heart


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Dear reader,

I hope this book will bring you comfort. The story of Mylandra and Unique first came to me from a blank page in between countries. It took me many years to shape and finish it, for my own journey had yet to unfold.

I wrote this book for children and adults who doubt themselves and are afraid to take a leap of faith, so that they feel safe with their special unique self. Everyone should feel free to share their light with the world and to shine bright.

I wish to share how important self-love is to move forward in life. May children of the Earth, and the seeds of love yet to be born, remember their original essence. This tale also attempts to reconcile the masculine and the feminine. They should not be separated, but united.

Global healing starts with individual harmonization. I have high hopes that we can balance and heal the masculine and feminine in our society.

I don’t believe in coincidence. If you are here right now, it’s because this book was meant to find you.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

Anna Cley

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Anna Cley is a transformative artist, opera singer, and artistic director who is passionate about growth, empowerment and transcendence. She believes that individuals who overcome their limiting beliefs and dare to follow their heart can find
true happiness and freedom, allowing them to care more for others and to make the world a better place.

Cley’s work revolves around daring to be, and daring to become. She rejoices in a meaningful lifestyle and in co-creating a better world for tomorrow. She creates music, inspiring content and empowering courses for old and young alike.

A native of France, Anna Cley has performed on the stage of Carnegie Hall and in the title role of Carmen, after a successful career in rocket science. Driven by her spiritual quest, she grew a strong relationship with nature and wildlife.

In search for meaning and of her place in the world, Cley developed an eagerness for astrophysics as a child. The same sense of service for humanity pushed her in recent years to found the nonprofit Vocalise to empower those who experienced trauma. In addition to her college degrees, Cley has a certification in hypnosis with a particular interest in humanist hypnosis.

Mylandra, Unique, and The Journey of the Heart appeared to Cley in a vision while she traveled through Canada alone one snowy winter. It took her almost seven years to shape and finish the story.

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